M.B. York

Arm yourself with the most effective tools to combat and camouflage wrinkles. In the war against wrinkles it’s survival of the prettiest. Mary Beth York, a celebrity make-up artist, spa owner and former model is pleased to unveil the BEAUTY AMMO KIT; a three step kit to obliterating the tell tale signs of aging around the eyes.

Application of the three products is simple and in about two minutes the skin will be flawless and ready for make-up. Women are determined now more than ever to win the war on wrinkles and with the Beauty Ammo Kit they will be victorious. Complete kit includes Collagen Eye Mask, Line Putty, Concealer, and two sponge applicators.


  1. “Pump it Up, Leave it On ” Collagen Eye Mask. Apply the mask under both eyes with your fingers, you should see the product all the way across under your eye. DO NOT BLEND! Use a lot more than you would normally.
  2. Line Putty. Sweep the line putty right over top the eye mask. Now, take one of the enclosed sponges, and press the product into your skin. It will all appear to disappear. Don’t blend, PRESS.
  3. Camouflage Eye Disguise. Sweep all the way across under your eye, and on your lid. Use a lot, paint it on!!! Now, with the same sponge, blend in the concealer. It makes a great base for your shadows, and gives great coverage under the eye. If you use your fingers, you are going to think it is too yellow.